We are advocates for slow fashion by default. We didn't start this company because of over consumption of fast fashion, or what we like to call cookie cutter style or even ethical reasons. Our company started out of work related (Nordstrom) frustrations with customer charge backs, and most importantly out  of love for vintage and quality clothes, that were meant to last. Working at Nordstrom I realized that woman loved quality clothing, but really couldnt afford them! So instead, they esentially "borrowed" them and after a few wears or as seasons changed returned them.

Our misson is to give you access to contempoary designer clothing at budget friendly prices, mixed in with unique vintage pieces that has already stood the test of time, and mostly help you  build a solid wardrobe, that"ll be forever instyle, and blends effortless with current trends.

We also offer unique and brand new stock from nyc designer sample sales, where you can shop on our site, or request a personal shop for upcoming sample sales.
Xoxo, Narai Lucille